Friday, April 24, 2015

IRAN wants to Nuke Israel...

This poster speaks for itself...

Iran Nuclear

One of the best ways to avert a nuke to Israel is to let your congressman and the Obama administration know that their "Iran deal" is bad for the U.S. and Israel.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Obama and his disrespect for Netanyahu

We have gone out of our way to acknowledge President Obama when he has stood by Israel.  But now President Obama has crossed the line. His disrespect of the Israeli people and their leadership are simply unacceptable. The fact that he blasts Israel while embracing and forgiving Iran only ads salt to the wound.   
Obama and Netanyahu
In this time of enormous danger in the Middle East, Israelis want a pragmatic leader who does not conjure peace partners out of thin air or base their security on a foundation of shifting sands.  Meanwhile, President Obama continues to live in a fairytale world where there could be peace and security tomorrow if only Israel left the West Bank. To believe in this nice story, the President must ignore all of the Israeli peace offers that the Palestinians have rejected. He must likewise turn a blind eye to the likelihood that Hamas would seize these strategic territories in short order. And he must pretend that ISIS would not take over in the long term. 
It seem that President Obama's fantasies regarding the Palestinians are similar to those he believes regarding Iran. But ignoring danger does not make it go away. President Obama may prefer to belittle Prime Minister Netanyahu for recognizing these realities. But we would all be better off if President Obama looked past Bibi and saw these dangers for himself. 
This article was taken from CUFI (Christians United For Israel) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Israel: in a Class of it's own...

The latest social media that landed on Twitter included a photo of female Israeli Air Force combat pilots standing by their fighter jets. The item pointed out that there are more women F-16 pilots in Israel than there are women car drivers in Saudi Arabia.

That’s true, of course. Women are forbidden to drive in that Islamic kingdom, whereas women in Israel participate fully and equally in every facet of Israeli society — including military defense.

The second was a report that noted Israel currently produces more new business start-ups than Japan, India, Korea, or the United Kingdom. It also pointed out that there are now more Israeli companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange — the exchange dominated by technology companies — than any other nation on Earth other than the United States.

There is no escaping the fact that the tiny nation of Israel represents a remarkable island of Western Civilization values and modernity — floating in an increasingly turbulent sea of medieval barbarism. Is it any mystery why her neighbors ceaselessly work to destroy her?

Please remember to pray and support this nation that is surrounded by many hostel foes.

This excerpt was taken from Jewish Voice Ministries:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Should Jews have the right to visit the Temple Mount?


Should Jewish People have the right to buy or rent a home in any part of
Jerusalem they choose?

Jerusalem has been the geographic heart and soul of Judaism for roughly 3,000 years — since the time King David made it his capital city.

And no other spot on Earth holds more meaning or sacred significance to the Jewish People than the Temple Mount, at the base of which the Western Wall (the Wailing Wall) of the old Temple courtyard still stands.

The Temple Mount is where Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac in obedience until (foreshadowing the eventual coming of Messiah) God stopped him and provided a substitute sacrifice.

One thousand years later, King David purchased the threshing floor of Araunah on this spot (see 2 Samuel 24:24) and designated it to be the site for the Temple that would become a permanent habitation for the presence of God among the Jewish People.

It is the site of the Second Temple that stood in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) day — where the promised Messiah walked, taught, and worshipped.

Only the overwhelming force of invading armies have ever been able to drive the Jews from that rocky, sacred hill — and then, only temporarily. The Babylonians, the Romans, the Crusaders, and finally the Muslim hoards have all tried.

But each time, the Jewish People have been drawn back to their historic, God-granted place of origin.

In other words, for 4,000 years, Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount in particular have served as the geographic focal point for the Jewish People.

And yet, since 1948, it has been illegal for Israel’s Jewish citizens or pilgrims to pray on that site, lest delicate Muslim sensibilities be inflamed.

In fact, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount have been forbidden to even move their lips, lest they quietly speak to God on the holiest ground known to Judaism.

This article was taken from Jewish Voice Ministries.

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